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What is Digital Art?

Digital is the latest craze now in everything including fine art. I can create a digital painting or drawing to mimick a pencil drawing, watercolor painting, oils or even do effects simply not possible in traditional media. The other advantage of digital portraits is that I can send you the high quality finished file through email! No shipping or shipping charges involved. This makes digital portraits very affordable. If you would rather, I can have the finished painting printed out on a variety of fine art papers or canvas, for an additional fee. Email me for more details! Once you receive your finished portrait, you can take the file to any fine art printer and have the art printed on canvas, or various fine art paper. You can even have the painting printed on mouse pads, mugs t-shirts and more. These make them great gifts!

So what is digital art? Well it is art created on a computer or tablet. A lot of digital artists create their masterpieces on a computer using a device called a Wacom tablet that transfers their pencil or brush strokes to the computer screen. I use an iPad and a stylus to paint directly on my iPad using various applications. I primarily use three apps, ProCreate, Sketch Club and Sketchbook Pro.

Now some people think that a digital artist just uses filters and trickery to create their works, not so. While some do use photo manipulation, a lot don't including me. I use your photo as a reference just as I would if I were painting the traditional way. I paint or draw every stroke you see. The only advantage I have to digitally drawing is that I've gotten to create a few custom brushes for hair and such. These save me time so that I can complete your painting more quickly than if  I was working traditionally.


 Monochrome Digital Drawing

Here is a digital monochrome drawing of a Border Collie. It is drawn in a charcoal pencil style and would look great printed on a slightly textured paper and framed under glass.

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 Colored Digital Painting

Here is a portrait of a German Shepherd. It is a colored portrait and simulates the look of an oil or  acrylic painting. It would look great printed on a canvas or even on a fine art paper and framed under glass.