Becky's Pet Portraits

Links to Sites

These are the sites that I find very helpful to the pet portrait artist or pet  and art lovers in general.


Websites where my art and other items is for sale.

Becky's Digital Art

This is my own website where I feature my general art for sale . It focuses mostly on my digital art and is a simplified elegant design if you want to purchase art. Also I have periodic sales and limited time promotions there.

Fine Art America

This is the website where I feature a lot of my general artwork for sale. You can buy from them or on the for sale page here.

Society 6

This is another website that I use to sell my artwork. I will eventually have other items for sale besides the art prints.



I love this artists' work and I have used many of her kits and books as learning tools.

Another great artist and I have many of her books.

Another pet portrait artist from the Pet Portrait Wildlife Forum 

Again a great animal portrait artist, of which I have done demo kits from.

A great animal artist that I admire

Another great forum for colored pencil artists.

A general art forum that is really friendly and helpful

A great place for artists to get their galleries and artwork out  there.

Another awesome animal artist

Digital Art Websites


Animal Websites

One of my favorite forums for bird care and information


Tailfeathers Network
Tailfeathers Network - Where Bird Lovers Gather

Cat forum that I belong to

A great dog information

Dog Forum

dog forum - dog health forum

More bird forums

Another great informative place about lovebirds. I love the cute videos they have.


 Here is a place I love to get home made birdy toys from. It is awesome.

Pet Sitting Company that I currently use and work for:

Miscellaneous Websites

Coming Soon.