Becky's Pet Portraits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital art?
  • Digital art is art created on a computer or tablet. There are many programs that people use to create their art. Some use Photoshop and a Wacom tablet and stylus, and others, like me use a tablet like an iPad or Windows Surface tablet and download applications to create our art. There is a whole section on Fine Art America devoted to digital art.

Isn't digital art just photo manipulation?

  • While some choose to use filters and photo manipulation to create their art, many others paint digitally the same way they would traditionally. I do the latter. Every simulated pencil stroke or brushstroke is mine, not the computers and my digital paintings are created the same as my traditional paintings.

How long does a digital painting take to complete?

  • On average a typical painting takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to complete. Sometimes it may take longer if  the subject is complex or very detailed. Note this is the time from my starting your painting to completion. It may take longer if there are many commissions ahead of you. I will email you once I start on your painting and you can expect it to be done anywhere from 1-3 weeks after that. Holidays are busy so may take longer to get your painting, be sure to book a spot early to guarantee a delivery in time for Christmas.

Will I get my painting by Christmas?

  • The cutoff to guarantee a Christmas delivery is November 21, 2015. I will still take commissions after that date but depending on my workload may not be able to complete the portrait in time for the Holidays. A gift certificate for a portrait is a great alternative. Email me for details.
 What is Fine Art America and why do I pay them your art fee when I decide to print my portrait?
  • Fine Art America is a print on demand site that offers high quality prints on various art papers, canvases as well as offering custom matting and framing. I offer many of my paintings on their site for sale. The paintings are printed as they are sold, hence Print on Demand. When you decide on one of my print packages that includes a print, I will go through the same website as they offer many different options. I upload your finished portrait to my private gallery on their site. I can email you a link and the password to that gallery so you can choose your print options. I also include the balance of my art fee to your portrait and then Fine Art America will pay me when you order your print.

Why is my portrait more than your base fee if I want it printed?

  • My base fee is just that, a base fee. This is the cost for the time it took to sketch out, compose and paint your portrait. If you just want to pay the base fee, I can send you the digital file only once completed. It is offered in my most basic package. I don't offer the cost of printing and shipping as those are all variable depending on the size you want printed, if you want fancier paper or canvas or if you want it matted and framed. There are many options and they will have various costs. I offer various package deals to help with this as well.
 What if I want to print my portrait myself?
  • If  you want to have the portrait printed yourself, that is fine and I offer a high resolution digital file with any of my package deals. However if you don't want to use Fine Art America, I would recommend using a local fine art printshop. While you can have your portrait printed at Costco or Walgreens at a discount, the portrait probably won't look as good. A print shop that deals with art and giclee reproductions will use the finest papers and inks for their prints. They will use acid free archival inks and papers which are guaranteed to last. Costco and Walgreens may print photos well, but I wouldn't recommend them for digital art reproductions.

What is a giclee?

  • A giclee pronounced (gee clay) is simply a fine art reproduction. Artists will have giclees printed all the time to sell at a more discounted price than the original painting. Digital artists sometimes will increase the value of their paintings by only allowing a limited amount of prints to be available.

What if I don't want to go through Fine Art America, but still want to have a print done through them?

  • That is fine, I understand not wanting to go through a separate company for one item. I offer two print packages where I take care of all the details through Fine Art America for an additional fee.  I would send you a PDf file with size option and prices for both prints on their basic paper and canvases. If you wanted different paper or framing, let me know and I could get prices for those. Frames are hugely variable in price from inexpensive and basic to elegant and pricier. Naturally with all the options I wouldn't be able to have all the prices immediately available, but you can let me know and I can see what I can do. I would give you a final price and send an invoice through PayPal. Once I receive payment I will order your print. I can then have that print shipped directly to you, or with my most deluxe package, I will have it shipped to me for inspection and will hand sign the back before shipping it to you.
What are your Print Packages?
  • My print packages start at various price points for added features. They range from my most basic digital file only package to a hand signed and inspected print package with all the bells and whistles.  Check out my Print Package page for more details.

Do you paint people portraits as well?

  • While my specialty is pets, I do paint people as well. I've done several portraits of children as well as weddings. Email me for more details.

How should I frame and hang my painting?

  • Gallery wrapped canvases come ready to hang and prints can be framed like any art, preferably under glass. Since prints are created using high quality archival inks and papers, they should last a long time. That said, they should be hung out of direct sunlight and preferably not in the bathroom, though if they are under glass, then it should be fine.

Do you offer discounts and gift certificates?

  • I offer discounts and limited time promotions on my non-commissioned art periodically. Check the site often to see if anything is discounted. I don't  usually offer discounts on commissioned work, though I will offer a small break on multiple portraits or if you want to do multiple prints through Fine Art America. Email me for more details.
Why did you reject the photos that I sent  for creating a portrait?
  • I don't like to reject photos, but sometimes I have to. I want to produce the best art possible so that you will be happy and it is representative of my work. With that being said, it is amazing some  of the photos clients want me to work from. Tiny old printed and faded photos aren't easy to work from. Neither are tiny blurry or pixelated Facebook photos. Remember, a lot of times I've never met your pet or child, so to create an accurate portrait, I need high quality and if possible, high resolution photos to work from. I need close ups of the face and features, as well as accurate photos of hair and fur color. Bad photos can distort a lot. I've seen brown dogs look black in bad photos. Red eye and reflective eyes I can deal with, blurred or unclear pictures of the eyes I cannot. Check my photo tips page for more details. If the pet has already passed, I can see what I can do to make an accurate high quality painting you'd be proud to hang on your wall.

Do you offer basic wall art for sale?

  • Yes I do offer my regular non-commissioned art for sale as prints on Fine Art America. The subjects of my art vary from pets and wildlife, to landscapes and florals. I even can do celebrities as well. I like to paint whatever strikes my fancy.

Why do I see my commissioned portrait on your  Fine Art America gallery?

  • While you may see your custom portrait on my Fine Art America gallery, it isn't offered for sale. It is only there to show examples of my work and nothing more. You may even see your portrait on my home page gallery scroll. It says to purchase, but any custom portraits again are not for sale.

Do you offer a money back
guarantee on your portraits?
  • I will try and do my best to create a portrait that represents your pet and something that you will be proud to hang on the wall. I will always offer a low resolution, watermarked  file for your approval before requesting final payment. If the proof isn't what you wanted and I can't correct that, I will refund half of your deposit. If however you approved the proof and I have sent the high quality file, I cannot offer a refund. Unfortunately this is because while 98% of people are good and honest, the 2% that aren't may try to look for loopholes to get an unintentional discount. This is the life of a digital business. Once that high resolution file is in your hands, i can't control how many copies get made. Fine Art America does offer a 30 day money back guarantee but being a larger business they can afford to take the hit.

Any other questions I haven't covered, feel free to email me